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You know nothing about the PrimeXBT promo codes. Do not worry, and keep patient to surf all around this article for great details. Promo codes are wonderful alphanumeric codes that make you take a discount on trade fees, overnight finance, or acquire a competitive deposit bonus on PrimeXBT. The promo codes are specifically discovered through the Internet in other trading communities, blogs, and social media platforms; but can even be mattered independently.

Figure 1. An example of promo codes activation

The main tips for activating the Promo code

First of all, to help you activate the promo code, please navigate to the “Main” page and choose the “Promo code” section below - Choose the Margin account on which to activate the code. - Next, you have to enter the code. - Hit on “Activate”. At this time, you will receive one of the specific messages such as (succeeded, already activated, outdated, and not found)

Figure 2. You should follow the regulation of promo codes All successfully activated promo codes, and account status discounts, can be displayed in the “Promo campaigns” module. Thus, to cancel the active Promo, you should hit on the “X” button. Besides, try to navigate to the “Margin” site and choose the “Account” section. Finally, stick with the Margin account on which to activate the code. Next, you must enter the code, and hit on “Activate”.

Campaign rules of Promo codes

It is crucial to keep in mind that every promo campaign is subject to the perfect set of rules and conditions. In other words, to track the rules for every single Promo type, you have to hit on the icon opposite the Promo type. If activating various promo types, it is even crucial to highlight that: - Only a single reward promo type can be active at once. - Multiple active “Trade Fee” discount promo types are not additive; only the highest active trade fee discount can be in effect at a provided time. If trying to activate double strategies of a similar type; the notification window might pop up. Keep in mind that you need to confirm the activation of the second campaign of a similar type could take out right away the old campaign and any active bonuses (Before Bonus 35% of non-tradable; After Prime xbt 50 bonus of non-tradable) According to the kind of the promo campaign; particular conditions or rules can use for the promo below - Rules and conditions of fixed tradable bonus usage - The PrimeXBT bonus is changed as “Reward” in the Margin account it is activated on. - The bonus might not be withdrawn from the trading account. - The withdrawal of customer funds from the trading account to the wallet can right away take out the whole amount of Bonus offered. The withdraw funds from the trading account only when the vacant margin is enough and you come in handy to keep going to trade without a Bonus.

Figure 3. PrimeXBT Welcome Bonus - When the Bonus is active, the balance can be negative because of trading loss; or fees incurred. You might keep going to trade with the negative balance so long as it might not exceed the Bonus amount and the trading account keeps positive. - The bonus can be taken out from the trading account on its expiry date. In case the balance of the customer’s trading account is negative during the bonus is erased; the Balance could even be reset to 0. - Rules of % Tradable bonus usage - According to the promo strategy rules, a Bonus is offered for the initial deposit, or for each deposit created to the Margin account which is activated till the promo campaign’s end. - When it comes to the initial deposit bonus promo, there is at least a deposit amount. Please test the promo campaign rules. If the initial deposit to the Margin account is not more than the requested minimum the promo code can be invalid, and no bonus might be granted on the further deposit. - The amount of Bonus on the selected Margin account might not exceed the limit which is particular for every promo strategy. Next, you have to check the promo rules. - Bonus might not be withdrawn from the trading account. - The withdrawal of your funds from your trading account to your wallet can take out right away the full amount of Bonus offered. - If the negative balance exceeds the Bonus because of the trading losses, or fees; the Bonus is seen to be spent. It can be taken out from the account, and the account’s balance can be reset to 0.

Welcome Bonus

Based on the account creation, customers can receive the offer to claim the “Welcome Bonus”. This PrimeXBT welcome bonus might offer a great reward upon the client’s initial deposit for the particular time frame, and other deposits to the BTC Margin account. As for the similar 24 hours after making and signing in the account; you can even open various margin trading accounts to claim the same “Welcome Bonus” offer. Finally, “Welcome Bonus” might not ask about the promo code’s activation.

Final thoughts

That’s all about the PrimeXBT promo codes. If you have some queries related to promo codes; you can leave your feedback below this post. We will be ready to help you wherever and whenever you want.


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